SSS Learning has a suite of strong software content that would sit proudly on any network. I know that the children of Walsall Academy are glad that it sits on ours.

Jonathan Boyle, Walsall Academy

"I'm constantly searching for a variety of teaching aids, and Chemistry is one of my favorite products. This software solution is capable of combining videos, content, interactive activities and learning games all in a single package. My students are engaged and I'm able to track progress if I want. Furthermore, I can use the software as is, or I can export the multimedia to be used in personally created lessons. It has been a great addition to my teaching tools."

Wayne Kneussle
Chemistry Teacher, Saranac Central High School

"The combination of still pictures, animations and text – which is narrated as well as appearing on screen – should ensure that even students with poor language abilities get the message."

Phil Thane
reviewing the D&T Lesson Kit range, TES Teacher

"Stunning pictures illustrate the materials and animations make the processes clear – even captivating."

Simon Smith
reviewing Properties of Materials in TES Teacher

"...has a suite of strong software content that would sit proudly on any network. I know that the children of Walsall Academy are glad that it sits on ours"

Jonathan Boyle
Walsall Academy

"The interactivity is simple to use and interesting while the graphics and sound are excellent and again, interesting for the pupils."

Wendy Bird
Wood Green High School
reviewing Tools, Techniques & Systems 1

"Visually pleasing, it is very strong in appeal and the level of engagement it engenders."

Review of Tools, Techniques & Systems 2,
in Teachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia

"At Riverston School in Lee Green, South-East London, the pupils could barely stay in their seats, so keen were they to get involved in the lesson."

John Galloway
reviewing the ICT range

"Unlike most of the educational software, the kits can be used ‘out of the box’. [...] has clearly listened to teachers and developed a worthwhile resource. the new range is also good value for money."

Gavin Richards
Kingsmead Community School, Somerset,
reviewing the Geography Lesson Kits range, TES Teacher

"I like to use the software to stimulate discussion in the classroom, thus provoking lively debate and encouraging pupils to use their recall and presentation skills."

Keith Phipps
Teacher of the Year for the most creative use of ICT in the Classroom,
writing about the Geography Lesson Kits range in Specialist Schools Review

"Using high quality 3-D animations, Work of Rivers compresses millennia into seconds and shows students how these processes change our landscape. [...] has taken visuals in Geography to the next level by using animation to demonstrate concepts in a way that students can understand."

Review of Work of Rivers, Education Today, TES Online

"...the perfect aid for teaching the subject at GCSE level…Students like the fact that they have individual control of listening activities, enabling them to listen as many times as possible [and]…practise their oral work with model answers spoken by native speakers."

Paul Keogh MBE
Specialist Schools Review
reviewing Lesson Kits for French

"This software should capture the attention of all KS4 learners, who will undoubtedly enjoy the wide range of activities and make great progress. Teachers will appreciate the high quality resources which can be inserted into presentations and work."

Lesley Walsh
TES Online
reviewing the Lesson Kits for French, German and Spanish

"If I was taking in to consideration the broadness of scope and opportunities for exploration in the classroom, I would go for Myself, Family and Friends because it does give lots of opportunity for development in all four skill areas."

Ruth Wilkes
Buckinghamshire Council MFL Advisor
speaking on Teachers' TV

"Successful maths teaching depends on imagination and invention and these engaging kits are a welcome addition to the repertoire."

John Bailey
TES Teacher
reviewing Lesson Kits for Maths

"The most positive aspect of the software was its interactivity. Pupils enjoyed using the software on the interactive whiteboard."

Teacher evaluation of the Maths Lesson Kits range Torfaen Local authority

"Using images while explaining the topic areas provides a much more powerful and therefore comprehensible understanding of the topic than I could ever produce with a pen and whiteboard. A positive productive learning experience."

Marnie Weeden
Fairfield High School
reviewing the Maths Lesson Kits range

"The product is clear and simple in design and the language is appropriately based. There were opportunities for the students to assess their progress through interactive quizzes and an excellent game zone."

Review of Health Related Fitness, Evaluate in the Guardian

"Physically Active and Health Related Fitness are absolutely brilliant!"

Claire Purnell
Willingworth High School

"..uses practical examples to teach students from an education standpoint as well as helping them understand how fitness levels affect personal health."

Review of Health Related Fitness,

"For virtual tours of places of worship, there are the excellent Places of Worship titles: one title for each of all the major faiths...all living up to their interactive tag."

Gerald Haigh
TES Online
reviewing the Places of Worship range

"This versatile and stimulating software enables adaptation of lessons and activities for different levels of ability. A clear user interface makes it easy to navigate and all materials are well designed and visually engaging."

Jan Green
reviewing Places of Worship - Islam